How I Became a``Success Genie``

The reason for sharing my personal story is to show you I know life really does happen to good and talented people. These tragic events opened doors for me to successes that before I could only dream of never mind achieving from where I was. At the time I thought these events  were the end of my success journey and that is where the the journey of the “Success Genie” began. It was during these hard times i realized and experienced that success IS our birthright!

The programs that we teach at Success Genie LLC were created from my personal journey and experience overcoming what some would call insurmountable obstacles in my life.

Obstacles Like:

  • Starting my own business at 21 only to lose it due to a car accident that wasn’t my fault that left me unable to work for a year
  • Being laid off 17 years ago with no notice or cause with 2-weeks’ severance pay and debt of over $10000
  • Starting a business with no money and needing to pay the mortgage in 30 days
  • Finding out on our wedding day that are partner in our investment company embezzled over $1 million dollars in cash leaving me in debt with over 3.6 million dollars in foreclosed homes
  • Creating Success Genie LLC ready to launch to 7 figures only to have me injured in another accident (not my fault) affecting my physical ability to move and work full time

What I Learned On My Journey

Though determination and persistence to find a solution I discovered life laws…Laws that govern the universe and create options.  When I applied these laws to my own life and business I was amazed how simple it really was to create success; this thing that all the great motivational speakers talk about yet alluded me through the many challenges in my life.

I then took it a step further I created my own system of getting out of my way and overcoming the many challenges I faced.  I am living proof that dreams never die.  The route you take may have to change but the destination is your birthright.

I can say although I didn’t enjoy every step of my journey I am grateful to be living my dreams and helping others do the same.

  • Growing a successful and well respected business helping others create their dream lives and businesses
  • Being able to train and dance on a world renowned stage with a professional dance troupe after my car accident and 3 years of physical therapy
  • Meeting the man of my dreams and being happily married for over 10 years. (Yes we are still together and stronger than ever )
  • Being a trusted leader in my community and being able to be of value to others
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