A Circle of Influence Can Grow Your Business

In January 8, 2016

circle of influenceHave you ever heard of the term “Circle of Influence”?

A circle of influence is simple.  It is a strategic alliance.  A person, group or business that you want as “raving fans” that will refer you / your services to other people.  In return, you want to have something you can provide to them that will find value in.

The people that make up your “Circle of Influence” can be friends that share your same beliefs or it can be a person or business that work with the same clients you have but they are not a competitor.

In fact, your IT company that services your computers or even your UPS delivery guy can be part of your “Circle of Influence”.  They work in the  same industry but they are not competitors.  They may or may not be a client of yours or eventually become a client of yours but what they should be  is your “biggest fan” — the person that refers business to you.   If you don’t have this circle – it’s time to start creating one.

networkingNetworking is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal that can help you build your Circle of Influence.

When attending networking events remember these networking tips:

Create a “what is in it for me” experience for others
Get out of your head and into the issues of others
Create an immediate desire in others, find out their hot button(s)
Let people know what and how you can help them in a way that they care

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