How to Recover From A Success Set Back

This video is an interview with Cathy McCarthy, Cablevision TV host of Focus on Family.  It is a 4-part series on how to create success and a life that you love in the face of everyday challenges.  Kim discusses specific strategies that you can implement right now even if you are dealing with stressful situations and set backs.

How to Be Successful (Part 1)

Kim was invited to an entrepreneurial networking group in Westport, CT.  They asked her to speak about how they can be experience success while meeting the demands of their careers and schedules.


How to Embrace Change

This is an interview I was invited to have with Glen Dalakian Radio Host of “Good News on Business”  a Christian Radio Show on Tandem  The topic was about how to experience success in the face of change and challenges.

 How to Create a Referral Network for Your Business

This was an evening with the Young Emerging Professionals of the Greater Valley Chamber in CT.  They asked Kim to share her 5 secrets to success when it comes to building a business network that refers clients on a consistent basis.  She takes them through each step and how they can apply them to their next networking event.