Ways to create momentum connections and cash this year

In January 4, 2018

Ways to create momentum connections and cash this year


  1. 30:57 – “Those conversations, always, always directly or indirectly bring the money.” — Success Genie (AKA Kimberly Kasparian)

  2. 30:10 – “Connections always bring the cash.” — Success Genie (AKA Kimberly Kasparian)

  3. I am ok got laid off from my very good paying job but disliked it anyhow! Trying to come up w a plan to start my own business.

  4. Hi Roy, great to reconnect with you again. My ideal client is an established entrepreneur who really desires and requires to grow their business to a new 6 figure level or reach 7 figures in a 12 month period. They have to be excited about focusing on Peace in their Spirit Joy in their Heart and Profit in their pocket at the same time while having fun as a strategy to get that done.

  5. 9:11 – “Who is your ideal client?” — Success Genie (AKA Kimberly Kasparian)

  6. Thank you. How are you?

  7. Hi Kim -Great talk!

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  10. Love this Kim! Great job. 👍🏼

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  12. What is the easiest way to schedule with you? I would love to have a chat! 🙂

  13. Happy New Year!

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